How to set up your bachelorette party kit

How to set up your kit for a fun, smooth, picture-ready bachelorette party!

What you’ll need:

  • Your Only the Joy Bachelorette Party Kit.
  • Clear push pins
  • 99.99% helium tank (or drive to the grocery store to fill your balloons)

Step 1. Open your kit. You’ll notice everything inside your kit is neatly organized into separate pouches. Open your kit as soon as you get it to get a lay of the land. On the rare occasion your kit has a defect, this gives us a chance to fix it. You should have 5 extra large foil rose gold BRIDE balloons that can contain helium, 2 foil heart balloons, 4 rose gold balloons, 4 peach-gold balloons, 4 confetti balloons, 1 straw to blow up manually if you wish, 1 foil ring balloon, 1 rose gold fringe photo wall, and 1 bride to be sash. If you are missing anything, please contact us.

Image via customer Jenn

Step 2. Unwrap the bride to be sash. If there are any wrinkles, you can lightly iron it on the back or steam it. We like to just put it in the bathroom while showering for a few days.

Step 3. If inflating foil and latex balloons at the grocery store: Take your packets of balloons to the grocery store and the person working will do the rest! You may bring the included string if you like but usually they will use their own.

Step 3. If inflating foil and latex at home: For the foil balloons, insert the nozzle into the opening of each balloon and slowly fill, careful not the overfill but also filling them until taunt. PLEASE BE SURE TO HAVE HIGH QUALITY 99.99% HELIUM. Poor quality helium will result in balloons that don’t float or don’t float well, and we get poor reviews for this even though it is not a fault of the balloons. Unfortunately many of the helium tanks on Amazon are 80% helium 20% air and therefore not good quality. The large bride balloons take quite a bit of helium so get a medium sized tank at the minimum.

Step 3. If inflating foil balloons with a straw. Your kit comes with a straw for manual blowing if you desire. Insert the straw into the valve opening and inflate by blowing, careful not the overfill but also filling them until taunt.


For inflating confetti balloons: Most of our customers want the confetti in the confetti balloons to stick to the sides. After inflating, shake and rub them with either human hair, fleece, carpeting, or faux fur. Rub the balloon, and then roll it slowly roll it while continuing to create static. Repeat as needed. Some people find it helps to rub the balloon before inflating too. Here is a video if it helps.

For best results: We recommend inflating balloons the day of for optimal results.

Step 4. Put up your photo wall. Gently and carefully take the photo wall out of the packet so that no piece tears while you take it out. For best results we recommend putting it up with additional push pins so it stays up for entire party.

Enjoy your day and thank you for making us a part of it!


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