5 Unique Bachelorette Party Game Ideas


There are many types of brides, but no matter the type your friend is…everyone wants a killer bachelorette party and bridal shower. Of all the events that lead up to the wedding, these two are the only ones exclusively for the bride and her main girls. So second to the wedding, every bride wants her bachelorette to be a party she never forgets. And besides your no-game bride type, that means…well, what are we doing at this party?

While we love our more traditional fill in the blank card games, we know you might be looking for something more unique, or something that will get the bride rolling on the floor laughing at her best girl friends. With a lot of experience with weddings, we share some of our favorite ideas we’ve ever seen (and some rounded up from the internet), starting with mild and ending at more wild. Enjoy and let us know what you think in the comments below!


1. Kiss the Miss Goodbye. More an activity and less a game, this one is easy for all participants (even the ones that swear they hate games), and doubles as an adorable keepsake for the bride. Just tell guests to bring their favorite lipsticks! We personally prefer it with names signed under each kiss, but that’s just us. (Via Something Turquoise/Free downloadable)


2. Toilet paper lingerie. The slightly sexier sister to the classic toilet wedding dress, this game is so simple but can be so funny (once one group simply made a g-string). Funnier if the lingerie is made on a person! (Image via Vintage Modern Wife)

3. Up the ante with a photo booth with her belongings. So depending on your bride style (as in, will she think this is hilarious, or will this be embarrassing? If embarrassing, pass on this), add some of her personal items into the photo booth props if you’re able to. This can range from mild like her favorite sunglasses to more wild, like a neon colored bra.


4. What’s in the sock? Before guests arrive, put some things the bride might use on the wedding night into socks. Put them on the ground, and have guests to figure out what’s inside…using only their feet. (Via One Stop Party Ideas)


5. Weenie in a bottle. For the less faint hearted bride, this game is guaranteed to have her keeling over (and glad she gets a front row seat to have to watch her friends play this game). Tie some twine around each participants waist and a hot dog at the other end, about to the height of each person’s knee. The goal is to get the weenie in the bottle of course…and beware, it’s harder than it looks. Prepare for sore knees, and lots of laughs. This one is nice too because it doesn’t require you to print anything. (Via Sara’s Favorite Things).


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